Weekly Series 8ML


Weekly Series 8 ml


Weekly Series 8 ML : Perfume Gift Set. Perfumes for each and every day as per day lord.

Sentiment The Monday Perfume- Moon

Player The Tuesday Perfume- Mars

Intellect The Wednesday Perfume- Mercury

Pious The Thursday Perfume- Jupiter

Attraction The Friday Perfume- Venus

Jurist The Saturday Perfume – Saturday

Rular The Sunday Perfume- Sun

Daywise Perfumes by The Perfume Kart are unique fragrances designed according to the day lord of a particular day. These perfumes are carefully crafted to align with the energy and essence associated with each day of the week.

Each Daywise Perfume is created to resonate with the characteristics and influences of its corresponding day. By wearing these perfumes, you can enhance your connection to the specific day and tap into its positive vibrations.

Monday, the day of the moon, is represented by a perfume that exudes tranquility and emotional harmony. Tuesday, ruled by Mars, features a fragrance that embodies strength and passion. Wednesday, governed by Mercury, offers a scent that promotes intellect and communication. Thursday, associated with Jupiter, presents a perfume that symbolizes abundance and wisdom. Friday, under the rule of Venus, showcases a fragrance that radiates love and beauty. Saturday, influenced by Saturn, offers a scent that conveys stability and discipline. Sunday, governed by the Sun, presents a perfume that embodies confidence and vitality.

By selecting the Daywise Perfume that corresponds to a specific day, you can embrace the energies and qualities associated with that day. It’s a unique way to align yourself with the cosmic forces and make each day a special experience.

Choose Daywise Perfumes to add a touch of cosmic magic to your daily routine. With these fragrances, you can immerse yourself in the essence of each day and elevate your mood and mindset. Let the power of scent enhance your connection to the days of the week and bring a sense of harmony and balance into your life.

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